Docklands Munch

What is R.A.C.K?

A new BDSM term, which has not been around all that long, and so is widely unknown by those who engage in BDSM activities. It stands for Risk Aware Consensual Kink.

Why use R.A.C.K. rather than the more well known SSC? (Safe Sane Consenual) Well, I feel that some of the things that we do as BDSM participants are not really that "sane", and most carry an element of risk, and sometimes, things happen mid scene that turns the safe into the risky!

So, R.A.C.K. Seems to fit what I do in a far better manner

Risk: What are some of the things that can go wrong, even with the best of planning and at the hands of the most experienced player. Risk does not imply Safe; it implies that there can be dangers that have to be weighed before engaging in any activity. Risk would be a much harder sell than Safe to the vanilla world. It somewhat implies that what we do is in fact dangerous. Isn't most if not all of what we do dangerous to some degree? I think so.

Aware: Now that you know what the risks are for a given BDSM play activity do you accept those risks and are you aware of what the possibilities are if something should go wrong and they should befall you? Acceptance means that yes, you are aware of the risk involved and that you knowingly and willingly accept those risks. There is no debate about whether or not it's Sane. Aware means that you, after weighing the risks to the enjoyment and benefit of the activity, to YOU that it is sane and that you can make an informed decision. It re-enforces the fact that what we do is in fact up to the individuals participating. It's honest.

Consensual: Same as above. The two (or more) people involved in any BDSM play activity are informed consenting ADULTS and that consent has not been obtained under duress (with a gun to someone's head for example).

Kink: This implies that what we do is somewhat outside the mainstream. Kink is an umbrella term and one that is good, in that it covers everyone. What I consider to be kinky you might consider to be boring and mundane, but it covers us both.