Docklands Munch

Contact Us!

There are a couple of ways get in touch with us. The best by far is e-mail!

Mistress Nikki

If you want some clarification, advice, a place to let off steam, or encouragement, that is the place to get us... E-mail is best, using e-mail means that you will get a (relatively) good and quick (ish) answer.

However, we also have "Munch Mobiles!"

If you want to just have a realtime natter about "all things Munch", give one of us a call...

Mistress Nikki: 07709 854 038  Lionheart: 07941 515 581

These phones will both be on "Munch Night", so that we can come and find you if you get lost!

If you are new to the scene, or just shy or nervous, we are there to "Meet and greet" you at the Munch entrance. We will be more than happy to introduce you to others. After all, as your hosts, that is our job! We can also come out and find you if you manage to get lost on the way from the DLR!