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How to find us

Location, Location, Location

They say that Location is all… I think that in “The Ledger Building” we have found the perfect Location for or Munch.

How to get to “The Ledger Building”

The Sign above the Door of "The Ledger Building"

One Obligatory Map

By Public Transport:

The DLR is the much prefered option. (Although we are a 15-20 mins walk from the Bus Stops on the A13. If you do choose the Bus, Give us a call for directions first!)

  • Go to West India Quay DLR station.
    • Leave the station (all the exits take you to Underneath it), follow the signs for the “Museum of Docklands”, keeping the Quay water on your left.
    • You will walk between the Dock cranes on your Left, and the “WIQ1 Curve” building on your right.
    • Walk past all of the Warehouse Pubs and Bars, these will be on your right.
    • The Ledger Building is at the very end of the row, past the museum. Turn right to enter!
    • If you do overshoot, and walk out onto Hertsmere Road, turn round, walk about 10 yds, and turn left into the pub!

By Car:

  • You are aiming for “Hertsmere Road”.
  • From either direction, Use the A13, and follow signs onto the A1261.
  • If coming from the East, or from the Blackwall Tunnel, you turn left onto the A1206 just past the Tunnel exit (Cotton Street), then turn right onto the A1261 at the Blackwall Roundabout.
  • If coming in from the West, DO NOT USE THE LIMEHOUSE LINK TUNNEL. 
    • You will not be able to get to the Car Park without some fancy turning around at the Blackwall roundabout (and no doubt, a non-healthy dose of “getting lost!”™). If you fancy that, please do… but don’t say I didn’t warn you!
  • From the A1261 (which you will be on for all of 2 minutes, if that!) follow the P Signs marked “West India Quay.”
    • The turn in is located parallel to the Limehouse Link. (hence why you cannot use it!)
  • These signs direct you to the Fully Monitored and Secure “Hertsmere Road Car Park”, which is situated at the back of the UGC cimema. Parking here will cost you £6.00 for the evening.
  • NB: Hertsmere Road is fully double yellow lined. 
    Do not be tempted to park on the street. If you do, your car is liable to be seen as a terrorist threat, and be towed rather sharpish.
  • Exit the Car Park on foot, turning right into Hertsmere Road, past the Cinema on your right, and the “Museum of Docklands” on your left, follow the Curve of the Building, and turn left into West India Quay.
  • Turn left again into the Pub!

OK, I’m here, now what…

Come on in! The munch will (usually) be in the last room on the left before the stairs. Occasionally, this room gets booked out, and so we have to move to another. Simply look out for Charlie bear!

Charlie Bear

He’s a Ted of distinction and stands about 30cm high, so you can’t miss him! He will (usually) be on a table in the middle-ish of the room to greet you. Please do admire his bow-tie…

Occasionally, Charlie is joined by other bears (PT and Munchie from Bristol come to visit a few times a year) or he can’t make it himself and so he sends another toy based representative – Any other representative will have their picture tweeted on the evening. 

As a Weatherspoon’s “Lloyd’s bar” the range of beer and wine is extensive, Tea, Coffee and Soft Drinks are both available and reasonably priced, and (usually) excellent food is served until 10pm.