Docklands Munch

Why are we all here then?

Well, in 2004, whilst there were a few fine munches around the suburbs of London, (all of which are listed in the Links section AFAIK) it became very apparent to both of us that there was virtually nothing urban. We both lived around Docklands, and travelled out of town frequently to attend munches, but after a day at work, who wants to spend an hour or so on a train to get to a munch... So, we scouted around and started Docklands on 14/02/2005. Hey, it is always good to have something on your doorstep!

What is a munch?

Munches are non-play informal events that help bring the local fetish community together. They are designed as places that you can branch out, meet your local community members, make good friends and generally have a good time with some like-minded pervy people.

The first "Munch" was held in San Francisco Bay Area, America around April 1993. The term "Munch" is short for "Burgermunch", since STella's original Meeting arrangement was called "Palo Alto Burgermunch" and was in Kirk's burger bar in the evening.

Read more about The First Munch's history here

When Munches came to the UK, we transplanted the concept to meeting in pubs over a beer! So I suppose, technically speaking, the UK mostly has "Slurps"!

However, at any Munch you attend, you will find sparkling kinky company and exciting perverted repartee to make up for the lack of grub.